What Readers Say


“We’re delighted to report an unexpected [Lincoln Forum] ‘bonus’ event courtesy of our new member Ross Heller. Ross is publishing a beautifully reproduced and edited keepsake edition of Lincoln’s 1858 debate ‘notebook’ and has chosen the Forum to release it.”

Harold Holzer

Chair, The Lincoln Forum


It arrived in the post and I’ve spent time with it to such great enjoyment. It’s so well-crafted as I hold it and turn the pages and devour—even as I know it from earlier iterations, now it feels rightly complete and the pacing of images is sure and the ease of reading is a delight. All expectations have been exceeded — this is refined and whole and true.

My intention is still to attend the launch in Gettysburg on Thursday November 17th—and anticipation is heightened as your book is certain to be well received and taken up as the treasure it deserves to be.

You’ll have earned every accolade, and there will be many.

Rick Antonson
Best-Selling Travel Author


We could not be more excited about your coverage of this book from Lincoln to my great-great grandfather as my father (James Brown Hitt, Jr) was so proud of the family’s involvement and kept the stories of Abe and James alive. We have always felt so connected to Lincoln and proud in the role that Abe and James took to move the nation to a new place.

We still have a long way to go, and your book reminds us that it takes that strength and openness to altering perspectives as a new vision is being chartered.

May many in the world read your book and take that to heart!!

Mary Davis

Great-Great Granddaughter of James N. Brown


I just completed an order for a copy of the lettered edition of your book. As a collector, it’s exciting to see someone returning to the days when deluxe editions are offered in addition to the more economical trade versions. It was popular in the early to mid-20th centuries to issue such limited editions and I gladly support the efforts to revive that practice.

Daniel P.

Beaver Dam, Wisconsin

Your book is a gem that’s for sure and I look forward to giving it a glowing review.  You are to be congratulated on a mighty fine volume.

Jason H. Silverman, PhD.

Ellison Capers Palmer Jr. Professor of History Emeritus

Winthrop University

Co-Editor, Abraham Lincoln Abroad: An International Lincoln Association Publication

Book Review Editor, The Lincoln Herald

I enjoyed David [Kent]’s excellent review of Ross Heller’s book,  by Abraham Lincoln.  I’ve read it, and it’s great. Indeed, so tiny yet so powerful.  It’s like holding history in your hand.

Loretta Neumann

Washington, DC

The book arrived and it is marvelous. The printing and ink quality is superb. I would love to know more.

 Thea W.