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What did Abraham Lincoln really think about slavery?

by Abraham Lincoln: His 1858 Time Capsule”, a recently-published essential Lincoln reference, encapsulates – in his own hand-written words – the arc of Lincoln’s political thinking on this “Paramount issue” of his 1858 Senate campaign: “Negro equality.”

I suggest “by Abraham Lincoln: His 1858 Time Capsule” belongs in your library. It is a gorgeously reproduced deep dive into an obscure Lincoln ‘scrapbook,’

The book’s genesis?

During Lincoln’s U.S. Senate campaign vs. Stephen A. Douglas, an Illinois Lincoln ally – Capt. James N. Brown – urged an authoritative and unambiguous statement on “Negro equality.” Lincoln wrote Brown an 8-page letter and provided a news-clip-filled ‘scrapbook’.

Over the years this unique letter and ‘scrapbook’ found its way to Pasadena, California’s Huntington Library. Now it has been meticulously scanned, Lincoln’s script and news clips so crisp one can almost blot the ink; smell the paste’s aroma.

In addition to Lincoln’s every hand-written word, the volume contains:

  • A historical perspective by distinguished Lincoln scholar Harold Holzer;
  • Contemporary notes from 1858 campaigner Brown; and
  • An extraordinary ‘behind the scenes’ peek into the scrapbook’s rare 1901 ‘facsimile’.

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Ross E. Heller, Editor/Author

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