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by Abraham Lincoln: His 1858 Time Capsule gorgeously reproduces Lincoln’s only handwritten book. The script and news clips are so crisply clear one can almost sand the ink; smell the paste’s aroma.

It was during the U.S. Senate campaign vs. Stephen Douglas that a Lincoln ally – James N. Brown – urged a clear statement on “Negro equality”; then the “Paramount Issue” of the day. Lincoln wrote an 8-page letter; provided a news-clip-filled ‘scrapbook’.

by Abraham Lincoln contains every handwritten word, plus:

  • A historical perspective by distinguished Lincoln scholar Harold Holzer;
  • Contemporary notes from 1858 campaigner Brown; and
  • An extraordinary ‘behind the scenes’ peek into a 1901 ‘scrapbook’ 

Seen through a 21st century lens, Lincoln’s 1858 statements may be eye-opening. But as historian David W. Blight says: “Lincoln had always hated slavery and wished it somehow destroyed . . . . [and] he possessed a remarkable capacity to adapt, grow, and change on this most crucial question.” His written words in this book confirm Blight’s conclusion.

To discover this meticulously-told history, read by Abraham Lincoln: His 1858 Time Capsule

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